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Interesting Readings

Here is a list of books about Peru including some fiction, and Andean Spirituality, shamanism, and topics related to transformation.  These are available through many bookshops or by mail.  Prices can vary and are shown here only as a guideline.

Guide Books
Insight Guide to Peru edited by Tony Perrottet
Ideal for pre-trip reading, this guide offers an enjoyable introduction to the people and places of Peru.  It begins with a narrative history of Peru, from ancient times to the present day, followed by a series of essays designed to offer insight into the Peruvians, their culture, and their daily lives.  The main part of the guide gives a rundown of many interesting places to visit- historic sites, cultural centers, and natural attractions.  Hundreds of color photographs accompany the text. 344 pp. $22.95

Apus and Incas: A Cultural Walking and Trekking Guide to Cusco by Charles Brod
Arranged as walking tours, the material in this guide is so richly interwoven with cultural and natural history that it reads like an adventure in itself.  Generously illustrated. 160 pp. $10.95

The Incas and the Andean World
Incas: People of the Sun by Carmen Bernand

The story of the rise and fall of the Inca civilization.  Excerpts from the writings of conquistadors, travelers, and the Inca themselves are included.  Illustrated.  191 pp. $12.95

Narrative of the Incas by Juan de Betanzos
Written in the 1550s, this chronicle of the Inca empire is drawn from the personal experiences and oral traditions told to Betanzos by his Inca wife and other members of her aristocratic family who lived during the reigns of the last Inca rulers, Huayna Capac Huascar and Atahualpa. Although written by a Spaniard, this narrative presents an authentic Inca world view.
352 pp. $17.95

The Cities of the Ancient Andes by Adrian von Hagen and Craig Morris
Tracing the oscillation of cultural leadership between desert and highlands, the authors show how village settlements gave way to religious centers, which developed into cities, which in turn became empires. The latest archaeological finds are also discussed.  224 pp. $27.50

Traditional Textiles of the Andes: Life and Cloth in the Highlands edited by Lynn A. Meisch
Features indigenous textiles woven in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, accompanied by essays on the history and imagery of the cloth. 157 pp. $24.95

Earth, Water, Fleece, and Fabric: An Ethnography and Archaeology of Andean Camelid Herding by Penny Dransart
Highly recommended! Through a richly detailed examination of the practices of spinning yarn from the fleece of llamas and alpacas, this book explores the relationship that herders of the present and the past have maintained with their herd animals in the Andes. $95.00

Gold of the Andes (2 Vol. Set): The Lamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, and Guanacos of South America by Kim Macquarrie
Rich photographs. $160.00

Pastoralists of the Andes: The Alpaca Herders of Paratia by Jorge A. Flores-Ocho
a $105.95

Land of the Incas by Hans Silvester and Jaques Soustelle
A book of color photographs of the Inca people, the mountain landscapes, stonemasonry and roads. 106 pp. $19.95

The Conquest of the Incas by John Hemming
This compelling, authoritative account removes the Incas from the realm of prehistory and legend and shows the reality of their struggle against the Spanish invasion. Drawing on rediscovered sources and a firsthand knowledge of the Incan terrain, Hemming vividly describes pre-conquest Peru and the integration of the Incas into Spanish society. Text is complimented by line drawings, maps, and illustrations. 648 pp. $22.00

Colonial Peru
Journals of Hipolito Ruiz, Spanish Botanist in Peru and Chile 1777-1788 $41.

Religion in the Andes: Vision & Imagination in Early Colonial Peru by Sabine MacCormack  The author reconstructs how Andean Religion was understood by the Spanish in light of 17th-century European theological and philosophical movements. 506 pp. $22.95

Modern Peru
Andean Lives: Gregorio Condori Mamani and Asunta Quipse Huaman edited by Ricardo Fernandez and Carmen E. Guitierrez
Originally published in Spanish and Quechua, this narrative has become a classic introduction to the lives and struggles of the indigenous people of the Andes. Now available in English, it gives readers fascinating and sometimes troubling glimpses of life among Cusco's urban poor. 256 pp. $11.95

Travel Accounts
Markham in Peru: The Travels of Clement R. Markham, 1852-1853 edited by Peter Blanchard
In 1852, Clements Markham left the British Navy and set out for Peru to explore the ruins of the Inca Empire. His 10 month sojourn produced this journal, one of the few surviving accounts of Peru at mid-19th century. 168 pp $10.95

Eight Feet in the Andes by Dervla Murphy
Murphy and her nine-year-old daughter traveled 1,300 miles by mule through the Andes, from Cajamarca to Cusco. This account describes their 3-month journey. 288 pp. $13.95

Gracias! A Latin American Journal by Heri J. Nouwen
A Dutch theologian recounts life among the people of Bolivia and Peru during a six-month stay in the two countries. 188 pp. $12.00

Cloud Forest: A Chronicle of the South American Wilderness by Peter Matthiessen
Matthiessen's incisive, wry, report of his expedition into the vast world to the south. Criss-crossing 20,000 miles of the South American wilderness, from the Amazon rain forests to Machu Picchu high in the Andes, down to Tiera del Fuego and back, Matthiessen followed the trails of old explorers. Along the way he encountered river bandits, wild tribesmen and the evidence of ancient ruins and fossils. 320 pp. $12.95

Fiction and Poetry
The Heights of Machu Picchu by Pablo Neruda
The Chilean poet's epic poem about Machu Picchu, in a bilingual edition. 80 pp.
The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder
A fictional account of life in colonial Peru. 288 pp. $10.00

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Vargas Llosa
Vargas Llosa is the best-known of Peru's contemporary writers. This popular comic novel is about a Bolivian scriptwriter who comes to Lima to work on Peruvian radio soap operas. 384 pp. $13.95

Short Stories by Latin American Women: The Magic and the Real by Celia Correas Zapata $10.95

Fire From the Andes: Short Fiction by Women from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru edited by Susan Brenner and Kathy Leonard
Previously untranslated fiction by women from these countries. Much of the work is inspired by an awareness of social injustice, particularly for women, indigenous groups, and other marginalized members of society. 208 pp. 19.95

Additional and Shamanic Titles
Inca Myths by Gary Urton $10.50

History of the Inca Realm by Maria Rost Worowski de Diez Canesco

Ancient Peruvian Textiles by Ferdinand Anton ($165.00)

Inca Religion and Customs by Father Bernabe Cobe

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original  Tree of Knowledge- A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution by Terence McKenna

Ritual & Pilgrimage in the Ancient Andes: The Islands of the Sun and Moon by Brian S. Baur and Charles Stanish

Valley of the Spirits: A Journey into the Lost Realm of the Aymara by Alan Kolata

Healing States: A journey into the World of Spiritual Healing and Shamanism by Alberto Villordo

Shaman, Healer, Sage: How to Heal Yourself and Others with the Energy Medicine of the Americas by Alberto Villoldo

Dance of the Four Winds: Secrets of the Incan Medicine Wheel by Alberto Villoldo

Initiation: A Woman's Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes by Elizabeth B, Jenkins

Kintui, Vision of the Incas: The Shamanic Journey to Enlightenment by Jessie Estan Ayani

Dearest Waiki: Love Letters to an Andean Mystic by Marilyn Markham

Shape Shifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation by John Perkins

The World Is As You Dream It  by John Perkins

The following titles are not Peruvian but are relevant to our subject
Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin

The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

Sudden Awakening by Eli Jackson Bear

The Yoga of Time Travel  by Fred Alan Wolf

The Four Agreements, The Voice of Knowledge, and The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Fruitful Darkness by Joan Halifax

In the Dark Places of Wisdom by Peter Kingsley




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