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Emergence Workshops

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Our bones are lightning
In the night of the flesh
Oh world, all is night,
Life is the lightning.
          -Octavio Paz

Nature shows us that all living systems, from organic bodies to ideas, need to change form and structure to be able to grow and thrive.  Just as the snake sheds its skin and the tree its leaves, we need to release old belief systems and identity anchors to grow as humans.  As our perception grows we can access a broader range of frequencies and can think, create, and live in a more expanded, compassionate way.

In Emergence Workshops we tune into Nature to release our old structures and awaken resonance in the body’s fluid systems- our natural connection to reciprocity, compassion, and wellness- using natural settings, earth frequencies of particular portals, electro-magnetic fields, sound vibrations, group experiences, and movement.  Our backpacker-style journeys take us to natural portals and ancient sacred sites and temples –some far off the tourist track- built long ago to help people access and utilize increased frequencies.

These trips are equal parts adventure and learning opportunity. Our small groups stay in hostels and will spend time in natural and remote areas of Peru.

We invite Participants to join us on these trips who are adventurers in conscious evolution: dedicated to growing, open to new thought, welcoming the unknown, and willing to look at their shadow side with curiosity and humor.

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Adventure Trips

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Everybody has a geography that can be used for change.  That is why we travel to far-off places… we need to renew ourselves in territories that are fresh and wild…to come home through the body of alien land.
                          –Joan Halifax

Nature is the greatest teacher and there is a lot to explore in Peru! Canyons, jungles, cloud forests, beaches, and high mountains- Peru has it all. Reconnecting with Source through group exploring is FUN! Trekking the Inca Trail, hiking to newly discovered ancient sites, riding mules through the cloud forests of the Amazon, hiking the deepest, condor-inhabited canyons in the world to where they join the sea…

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Healing & Renewal Trips

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Answer the call of your heart!
The wind carries her invitation
Earth and mountains, birds, animals, rivers are waiting.
Peace and wisdom fill the silence
All waits for you to stop.

Self-compassion is essential. These trips are meant for rest, renewal, deep healing, and sharing. Visit the beauty of a private retreat in the Sacred Valley, then gather your strength at beautiful Machu Picchu, Cusco, and other sacred sites.

Experience the opening of your heart that naturally occurs when great natural beauty, compassion, and mystery combine. For your healing, we stay in comfortable hotels and do energetic work at beautiful and powerful places that feed the soul. Our guides offer loving support for your transition. Healing the body and sharing love through heart opening ceremonies at ancient portals and sacred sites brings us into balance and recharges us for more clarity and choice in our lives at home.

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